Most professionals spend more money on information than they want - even more wonder where all the money goes! We will assist in meeting your information needs in a cost-effective manner. We will prepare annual or monthly expense reports. We can prepare cost projections by department, continuing subscriptions on-line and CD-ROM - however the information is useful to you. With cost projections, you can review and modify your costs before they are overwhelming. This avoids an ugly year end surprise when the library costs are 10% or 20% over budget. Usually, we can “trim” to maintain library expenses at the previous years’. This is a painless process and normally doesn’t require belt-tightening measures. We can help you effect dramatic changes if you decide they are necessary. Today there are many ways to reach the same information. We can help you select what works for you and within your budget.


As your library grows and needs organization, an inventory/catalog can be very useful. It helps you maximize the large investment you’ve made in your library. Everlove & Associates maintains a high ratio of professionally trained librarians. A professional librarian has a Masters Degree in Library Science and is trained in various classification systems. Most collections that we deal with do not require “full” cataloging. It simply isn’t cost effective. We have perfected a “modified” cataloging system that adds organizational features at a much lower cost.


When doing on-line searching, we never mark up the database costs. We have access to all major databases - legal and nonlegal. Our clients need not have the databases in their offices. This is a great convenience because our clients do not have to subscribe to all databases, train on them, pay monthly minimums, etc. Databases are not limited to traditional legal databases. We will search Dialog, Dow Jones, Nexis, Medline/Medlar, Compuserve, etc. We would be delighted to go over these databases and how they can help you. Our clients can do a complete trademark search for less than $100.00. We can find all medical literature on health issues, surgery techniques, injuries, medical conditions. We can research prospective clients, opposing expert witnesses, corporate financial information, etc. When you need information, we can help you find it!


We network our way across the State. We make regular “runs” to Stetson, the County Law Libraries, University of South Florida, the Medical Library at the University of South Florida, etc. All of these materials are available to you - without you ever leaving your desk.

As professional librarians, we are able to interlibrary loan materials from every lending library around the World.


Brief banks, form freezers, memo files - in-house retrieval systems go by a myriad of names. Your documents can be reused if organized and indexed in a logical manner. We’ve built many systems of various sizes. Each one is tailored to the client. We can assist in developing subject headings, key words, abstracting the documents, etc.

Retrieval systems have become more cost effective in the last decade. With improved scanning technology, we can build a full-text database using retrieval software. We can store the information electronically on hard drives or cd-rom depending on the size.


In addition to helping our smaller clients automate their libraries, we have helped larger libraries automate their card catalogs, check-out systems (including bar-coding), and retrieval systems for in-house memoranda, briefs and opinion letters.

We have worked with several library software programs and we are prepared to retrain in other programs when necessary.


We are full-service law librarians. All of the services you would expect in a larger library, you can have - on the scale that you need and can afford. We:

open mail
route current awareness information
file looseleaf supplements
stuff pocket parts
reshelve books
(we don’t do windows)

locate used book bargains
prepare library budgets
suggest cancellations to control expenses
develop long-range acquisition policies
suggest specific titles
interview sales people
assist with legal reference problems

shepardize, keycite, etc.
prepare legislative histories
assist with on-line database searching
locate materials in other libraries
retrieve materials from other libraries
assist paralegals with special projects
help assimilate summer clerks
update on-line searches for rulings, cases
track literature for new developments

cost effective cataloging
organize video and cassette tape collections
organize in-house research to reuse

implement check-out systems
track missing books
“search and seizure” missions

Space design
design library remodeling or new construction
work with your architects, engineers, and interior decorators